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Migrant Services & Social Entrepreneurship

Unlad Kabayan

We INNOVATEUnlad Kabayan Migrant Services Foundation Inc. is a non-government organization (NGO) based in the Philippines. Formed in 1996, we focus on migrant workers and social entrepreneurship in the Philippines. We pioneered the approach of directing migrants' savings into business and enterprise development in some of the poorest areas of the Philippines.

We arm migrants with the business knowledge, skills, and support they need to successfully reintegrate when they return to the Philippines. Our activities provide migrant workers with an alternative to migration.

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Rehabilitation and Early Recovery

We are an active organization geared towards helping our worst-hit Filipino brothers and sisters...

Social Entrepreneurship and Development

We help develop micro, small and medium enterprises in communities, to help the local population...

Our Stories
Education, Advocacy & More

Each migrant and each entrepreneur has a unique and valuable story to tell. Hear more about them here.