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OFWs in SG attend Managing Your Money and Intro to Entrepreneurship training

Friday, 15 January 2010


Conducting training among the Filipino migrant workers is one component of the Migrant Savings for Alternative Investments (MSAI) Program. The MSAI program encourages migrant workers to take active role in the economic development in the Philippines by channeling their resources toward building enterprises in their home communities. The MSAI Program was launched in Singapore in May 2008.

Seventy-five overseas Filipino workers attended training sessions on Managing Your Money and Introduction to Entrepreneurship Unlad Kabayan conducted on August 30 and September 6 in Singapore. The trainees were members of the Jeremiah 29:11 International and Solidarita Migran Scalabrini (SMS). Jeremiah 29:11 International is an organization in Singapore that offers business opportunities and skills training to OFWs. SMS meanwhile is an independent non-religious affiliated grassroots organization comprising members who are or were women migrant domestic workers.

The training sessions provided the migrants practical textbook learning and hands-on application on managing their income and expenses, including their monthly remittance back home. It also discussed basic information about entrepreneurship.