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Unlad Kabayan Migrant Services Foundation, Inc.

Our Core Values

Office Environment and Values

  • Our care for people compels us to empower them to give confidence in their future.
  • Inherent trust in people.
  • We believe that our people's vitality and strength is the key to our organization.
  • We believe that success in our advocacy entails putting first the migrants and marginalized in society.
  • We believe that integrity, reliability and trustworthiness in the creation and provision of services are hallmarks of social entrepreneurs that should be maintained.
  • We believe that social entrepreneurship creates social value alongside financial value.
  • We work for a consistent growth in revenues and social return on investment to keep the business viable.
  • We are committed to working hard to enable our funding partners and other fund donors realize a fair return on investment.
  • We believe that business management is stewardship of God-given resources.