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Community Development in the PhilippinesUnlad Kabayan is a social entrepreneurship non-government organization (NGO) linking migration to community development in the homeland. In Filipino, 'unlad' means 'to develop, progress, or prosper' while 'kabayan' is what we call our fellow Filipinos abroad.

Established in the Philippines and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a non-profit organization in 1996, Unlad Kabayan pioneered the innovative approach of harnessing migrant workers' resources to bear on local economy development. We build decent jobs and livelihood in the homeland, helping communities collectively harness their resources so Filipinos can migrate out of choice, not necessity.

Unlad Kabayan's Roots
Our History

In 1996, Unlad Kabayan was founded in the Philippines as a separate NGO to pioneer the MSAI program..

Where We Are
Our Milestones

From our launch in 1994 as a pilot project of Asian Migrant Centre (AMC in Hong Kong to partnerships..

Our Vision and Mission Statements

Statement: To promote social entrepreneurship and social enterprises by mobilizing migrant workers..